Hot Rod Hydro

Published: December 31st, 2014     
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Jim Stepanek, IPMS# 48016
Scale: 1/25
Company: Revell, Inc.
Price: $25.95
Product / Stock #: 85-0392

Revell hit a real winner with the Hot Rod Hydro kit.  Very little flash and the parts fit very well.

Engine: The Hemi engine goes together extremely well.  I opted to pull a dual quad intake manifold from the parts bin rather than use the 6 carb set-up in the kit.

Trailer: The trailer was slightly warped so I used very warm water to try and straighten it out.  Nicely detailed, but it lacks lights.  Parts bin came in handy.

Interior: Interior panels are very well engraved.  Getting the side panels glued in gave me a few minutes of frustration because of the tight fit.  Once in though, the panels look real nice.

Body: The body of the boat comes in 2 halves that need to glued together and then some rails are installed to mount the engine and interior on later.  Rather than using the excellent decals provided, I decided to use HOK limetime pearl with HOK Sherwood pearl accents.  The hood was treated with water spots and then the whole boat was sprayed with Nason 2K clear.  After drying the body was sanded, polished, and waxed.

This really cool kit to work on and Revell needs to be commended for their craftsmanship.  Thank you also to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.

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