MiG-15 bis Detail Set

Published: May 9th, 2015     
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Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/144
Company: Brengun
Price: $8.40
Product / Stock #: BRL144105

Brengun has produced a photoetch improvement set for Eduard's 1/144 scale MiG-15.  There are parts to redo the cockpit interior, new landing gear doors, wing fences, a pitot, and antennas. 

The project begins with the cockpit.  The Eduard cockpit front is cut away, and the rest is thrown away.  The PE kit contains the cockpit floor and sides, consoles, a seat and instrument panel.  Also, you get seat belts.  Wow.  And there are two extra panels which are inserted on the cockpit sides after the fuselage is assembled. 

I made a mistake here.  I thought I should carve the plastic wing fences off and install the PE parts at this point in the assembly, before doing the landing gear.  It turns out that the wing fences are much more susceptible to being knocked off than the gear doors or the landing gear.  I had to put the surviving wing fences in the envelope and hold them after I knocked all of them off.  The instructions are wise here, follow them.

The landing gear doors are nicely done, with very good detail on the interiors.  They also have the advantage of being pretty much scale thickness.  The disadvantage I ran into was trying to install these small parts with CA and getting them in place and aligned before the CA set or got on my fingers.  But I did get them in there. 

The other very useful parts were the intake and exhaust covers.  I discovered after installing the landing gear that this model is a tail sitter.  A small piece of lead inserted in the intake took care of this.  And the intake cover nicely hid the weight. 

Recommended.  My evaluation is that this detail set can add greatly to the already good Eduard MiG kit.  I would also suggest getting Brengun's MiG-15 vac canopy, as this can more easily be built open to show all of that cockpit detail. 

  • Exhaust cover
    Exhaust cover
  • Finished
  • Gear doors
    Gear doors
  • Instructions
  • Intake cover
    Intake cover
  • PE set
    PE set
  • Wing fences
    Wing fences

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