MiG-21MF Airbrakes Set

Published: October 21st, 2019     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Paul R. Brown - IPMS# 24085
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $7.95
Product / Stock #: 672 193
Product provided by: Eduard

This set is designed to be used on Eduard's MiG-21MF kits that were released last fall. The set consists of 6 resin parts - the two forward speed brakes, the large rear speed brake, two inserts for the forward speed brake bays, and the actuator for the rear speed brake.

The rear speed brake and actuator are one for one replacements for the kit parts and offer nicely refined detail over the kit parts.

As Eduard molded the forward speed brakes in the fully retracted and flush position on its kits, the biggest change with this set is cutting out the speed brakes and installing the inserts in the lower wing/fuselage part of the kit. I chain drilled around the engraved speed brakes, then removed the remaining plastic between the drilled holes and neatened up the opening with sanding sticks, files and a new X-Acto blade. Take your time and test fit the resin bays often to ensure you have removed the correct amount of plastic and be careful not to remove too much. I removed a little too much on one bay and filled the gaps with Mr. Surfacer.

I recommend occasionally test fitting the bays and the kit wing section to the kit's fuselage parts to ensure that you do not alter the shape of the fuselage section. I did not do this and when I offered up the lower wing section with the installed speed brake bays. I discovered that the wing section was narrower and taller than the opening in the fuselage resulting in a slight step between the fuselage and the wing section that had to be filled and sanded to blend the two together.

Eduard cast the actuators for the forward speed brakes as part of the resin bays, which ensures that the actuators are at the correct angle and match each other. Unfortunately, it also means that the actuators are sticking out. During the sanding and filling process, I managed to break off the tips of both actuators, which promptly disappeared into the carpet monster never to be seen again. I replaced them with sections of stretched sprue of the same diameter.

According to Eduard's instructions, the speed brake bays and the insides of the speed brakes themselves are painted the same color as the undersurface of the model with the actuators in chrome silver. As the aircraft I am modeling has a light blue underside, I painted the bays and the speed brakes light blue and then applied a black wash to bring out the molded details, which really made things pop.

As the clearance between the open speed brakes and the centerline pylon is pretty tight, you will need to consider what, if anything, you are going to install on the centerline pylon early in the build.

As the MiG-21's speed brakes are not always open on the ground, this set will not be for every build, but it will make your kit stand out from other builds.

This is a nice set from Eduard that is recommended but requires a little care in cutting out the molded forward speed brakes from the kit and installing the resin inserts.

Thank you to Eduard for the review sample and to IMPS-USA for letting me review it.

  • Bays opened up
    Bays opened up
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    Inserts installed
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    Installed - gap
  • Installed
  • Installed
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    Washed interiors

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