Morning Star, Midnight Sun

Published: January 15th, 2018     
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Book cover
Author: Jeffrey R. Cox
Reviewed by: 
Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Company: Osprey Publications
ISBN #: 978-1472826381
Other Publication Information: Multiple formats available
Price: $35.00

This book is a follow up of his successful book Rising Sun, Falling Skies which I have also read and was a great read!

The book goes into details of the US Naval Campaign from Guadalcanal to the Solomon Islands.

It goes into incredible detail and covers some much of what appears to be a small book! The information is well written and draws you in as its rather Novel like in its narrative.

I learned so much from reading this and look forward to another book as a follow up to this one.

I found this book fascinating and made me aware of a lot of facts I have never heard before. The writing style is very factual a little dry at times, This made the book a little heavy going at times but well worth reading to the end.

I recommend this book to everyone with a deep interest in the Pacific war.

Thanks go to Osprey Publishing for providing this book to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them

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