OV-1 Mohawk Correct Cowlings, Pylons, Propellers w/Tool and Air Intakes

Published: June 25th, 2014     
Sample packaging
Sample packaging
Reviewed by: 
Mike Van Schoonhoven, IPMS# 41627
Scale: 1/48
Company: Quickboost
Price: $8.50
Product / Stock #: QB48 582
Part Part Number Cost Product Link
Correct Cowlings QB48 582 $8.50 http://www.aires.cz/en/product/ov-1-mohawk-correct-cowlings/0-631/
Pylons QB48 583 $6.50 http://www.aires.cz/en/product/ov-1-mohawk-pylons/0-630/
Propellers /w tool QB48 584 $12.00 http://www.aires.cz/en/product/ov-1-mohawk-propellers-w-tool/0-1867/
Air Intakes QB48 585 $6.50 http://www.aires.cz/en/product/ov-1-mohawk-air-intakes/0-629/


The replacement parts come packaged in the typical clear cellophane and a cardboard insert that Quickboost has become known for. The parts are cast in a light gray resin and are very sharp features. The pour stubs are very minimal and removal is pretty straight forward. The parts are designed to be used on any of Roden's 1/48 OV-1 Mohawk kits.  

Correct Cowlings

You get two cowlings in the package molded in light grey resin. These are a vast improvement over the kit parts. Very strong panel lines, front engine detail and intake. In my example I found one small issue with the fit to the kit wing. The new cowl to wing created a small step. To fix this, I just glue a piece of Squadron ten thousandths styrene and sanded down to where I wanted it. Also gives you an advantage as you can use regular plastic cement verse Super glue when attaching.



You get six pylons. The kit that I used for the samples (OV-1B) only used the two pylons for the external fuel tanks. There are four other pylons to hang the ordnance on the wings. I highly recommend these as they have some very wonderful detailing to them.


Propellers w/ Tool

In this set you get six propellers and two hub / spinner assemblies and a tool to get the proper pitch to the blades. Let me just say, Quickboost made these blades thin. Again a very nice enhancement to the kit.


Air Intakes

This set includes replacement parts for four different intakes. There are duplicates of two as they are for the engines and the third and forth are for intakes found on the fuselage. Again, these are a huge improvement to the kit parts

These sets are a great improvement to the kit parts and they can be purchased at a great value. Quickboost has two other sets to go with the OV-1 Mohawk. This is for the exhaust pipe and ejection seats. I highly recommend these if you are looking to improve the Roden OV-1 Mohawk.

I would like to thank Aires - Quickboost and IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review this set. 

  • Kit Cowling
    Kit Cowling
  • QB Cowlings
    QB Cowlings
  • QB Cowlings
    QB Cowlings
  • Cowlings in place
    Cowlings in place
  • Kit pylons
    Kit pylons
  • QB Pylons
    QB Pylons
  • Kit prop blades
    Kit prop blades
  • Kit Spinner
    Kit Spinner
  • QB Blades
    QB Blades
  • QB Blades /w spinner in alignment tool
    QB Blades /w spinner in alignment tool
  • Kit intake parts
    Kit intake parts
  • Kit intake parts
    Kit intake parts
  • QB Intake parts
    QB Intake parts
  • QB intake parts
    QB intake parts
  • QB intake parts
    QB intake parts

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