PBY Catalina Radar Housing

Published: May 3rd, 2018     
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Rob Booth, IPMS# 37548
Scale: 1/72
Company: Quickboost
Price: $3.00
Product / Stock #: QB 72 571

Quickbost has produced a replacement "football" radar antenna housing for the Academy 1/72 PBY Catalina kits. The resin replacement is a simple drop-in for the kit's plastic parts. There is no modification required to the kit parts to use these resin replacements.

A side by side evaluation (see photos) indicates a replacement of superior detail that will provide a more accurate rendition of the radar antenna housing assembly. Check your references for the appropriate seat to use. Be sure to wash the parts in soapy water to remove mold release agents and prime prior to using your favorite modeling paints.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to the IPMS Reviewer Corps and Quickboost for the opportunity to review this item.

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