The Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen

Published: June 28th, 2014     
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Box Art
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/16
Company: MiniArt
Company: MiniArt
Price: $30.00
Product / Stock #: 16032

First off, thanks to MRC for providing us this review item... we in IPMS USA appreciate and value your support!

This review was a bit different for me; I tend toward aviation and naval subjects, and this particular series keeps cranking out interesting figures. I have a DR-1 that could use some company, so here we are... Comprised of 30 parts in gray plastic, with a red circular display stand, I dove in and had everything together in quick order.

My preferred method of figure construction is to assemble everything that can be painted or needs filling ahead of time. This kit is broken down into right and left leg halves, upper torso halves, and lower mid-rise coat tails. The arms are single-piece items, as is the head and boots.

The left arm is displayed with the hand in the coat pocket; as such, the natural seam line is at the coat and wrist break. The right arm incorporates the hand holding a studded walking stick. The Cap is split horizontally, with the "bloused" top being separate. The front eye shade (Bill) is part of the lower band section.

The two decorative awards, the Iron Cross and the "Blue Max", are provided as separate items. I went ahead and cemented them in place, along with the two forward cap buttons, and rank Epaulets.

Using dark gray duplicolor automotive filler/primer spray on the whole figure, I discovered a few obvious light seams which were filled with Vallejo putty (Great stuff!), a second coat of gray, then it was time to move to the fun part, at least for me... Painting!

I stared with the uniform; using Vallejo German Uniform gray/green, I set up a base color. Next were shadows using the same color as a wash, darkened a bit with black for shadows and blended in. Let dry, then a drybrush session with the same color, lightened with white, brought out the detail and highlights. On to details...

Pin striping was a mixture of blue and red, trending towards a burgandy color. Same for the hat band... Next was painting of the blue Max and the Iron cross. Did ok here, but its microscopic detail was beyond me... buttons and rank epaulets were brass highlighted with silver, and then (and only then) it was time for a facial.

Now, please understand, I am not a figure painter by choice. I really attempted to put some life into the face using acrylics but they dried too fast... that, and I had a lousy #3 brush effort on the eyes and other facial details. In the end I removed the offending colors, painted the skin in tans with brown shadows and a bit of mixed black/tan for eyes and other "crevices"... then a dark gray wash was run into every fold, nook and cranny. Black boots and hat bill were standard semi-gloss black... with a drybrushing to bring out detail.

The final detail buttons on the cap were blue, with white center, and a red dot. It actually worked! The cane was painted dark leather with brown... and I didn't attempt to do all the raised studs.

The dog was an afterthought; I am not into canines, and gray with black eyes and tan collar were chosen. I tried to do a drybrush hair pattern, but am unwilling to go further on it... only so many hours in a day!

The end result; It looks like "The Red Baron" from period photographs. This kit is well thought out, and another great effort from MiniArt! Thanks again to MRC for supporting IPMS USA...

  • von Richtofen mit Hund
    von Richtofen mit Hund
  • von Richtofen facial detail
    von Richtofen facial detail
  • von Richtofen back view
    von Richtofen back view
  • von Richtofen on kit stand
    von Richtofen on kit stand

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