Replacement Guns for the Mi-24 Hind

Published: July 20th, 2011     
Kitset packing
Kitset packing
Reviewed by: 
Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/72
Company: Quickboost
Price: $4.95
Product / Stock #: Qb 72 316

A while back I built the Zvezda 1/72 Mi-24 Hind. I got the opportunity to do this review and grabbed it, as I wouldn't have to build the entire kit just to add the nose guns

The package contains two guns. The kit gives options of two different guns in the nose turret. The one I used is the Yak-B 4 barrel Gatling-type gun, 12.7 mm. The other is a twin-barrel gun the G-Sh-30, a 30 mm weapon. The 12.7mm has been phased out, and the 30 mm is preferred, as it has more punch, particularly on light armored targets.

The G-Sh-30 is definitely superior to the kit parts, as the kit gun comes in 2 parts, so you have to deal with a seam. The QB part has slightly finer detail, which is still hard to see in 1/72.

The Yak-B looked quite a bit like the kit part, and fit into the turret nicely. The only outstanding difference was that the hump on the kit part is a recess on the resin part.

Then I got out the magnifier and looked at the QB part. The one thing that makes the QB part far superior to the kit part is that on both guns is that the QB muzzles have holes molded in them. Amazing!

Thanks to and Aires Hobby Models for the detail parts and to IPMS for the upgrade for a finished project.

  • Kitset parts on pour block
    Kitset parts on pour block
  • Kitset parts installed
    Kitset parts installed