Return Rollers for Pz.IV Type 3

Published: April 29th, 2020     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery - IPMS# 14003
Scale: 1/35
Company: OKB Grigorov
Price: $9.85
Product / Stock #: S35008
Product provided by: OKB Grigorov

OKB offers three very similar products, all in 35th scale, for use on a Pz.IV . These items are "return rollers" for the Type 2 (product S35007), the Type 3 (product S35008), and the Type 4 (product S35009). This review will focus on the rollers for the Type 3 (product S35008).

The roller parts are contained in a small zip lock baggie. A paper label is stapled to the baggie which serves to identify the "Type" for which these parts are engineered, and to provide a secure closure so that none of the parts go astray.

Even in 35th scale these roller parts are rather small measuring just about a 1/4 inch in diameter. But there is nothing "delicate" about the parts. The molding is very crisp and the detail, although very small, is very well done. The detail is well molded and very small. Look at the image labeled "Close-Up" and one can see the "rabbit ears" of the retaining ring that is used to secure the roller to its axle. For those who are more familiar with instrument panels in aircraft, think in terms of a single instrument dial face in 1/72nd scale. No assembly instructions come with the OKB product and none is needed. Each roller consists of an "outer" and "inner" piece which fit together very well.

Mentioned at the beginning of this review, OKB provides three different roller sets for different variants of the Pz IV. One of the chief differences in these roller sets is that fine detail mentioned in the above paragraph.

This product is highly recommended for its quality of manufacture, clean and crisp detail, and attention to the slight differences in the detail across the roller product range. Thanks to OKB for providing this sample to IPMS for review.

  • Package Contents
    Package Contents
  • Inboard & Outboard Rollers
    Inboard & Outboard Rollers
  • Roller Closeup
    Roller Closeup

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