RP-3 60lb Rockets for Tempest Mk. V

Published: July 25th, 2019     
Product Image
Rockets Installed
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo - IPMS# 46363
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $12.95
Product / Stock #: 648450
Product provided by: Eduard

As part Tempest release, Eduard Models has included different aftermarket sets. This one is for the RP-3 60 lb rockets, widely used by the Royal Air Force during WW2. The set in particular is recommended for the Eduard Tempest Mk V, as the rockets railings are meant to fit that model. I've believe the rockets could be used in other RAF models, if you can source your own railings.

A total of 8 resin rockets and railings plus a large PE fret arrive inside a box. To prevent the parts from rattling, there is some packing foam in the box. That is good, but in my particular boxing, the parts were packed so tight, that it might have led to some of the resin parts to bend. Actually 6 of the 8 rockets had some level of bending or twisting. Not a lot of bending but noticeable under close inspection. Probably by dipping the part in hot water and "re-bending" the part it might be possible to straighten them. The railings were straight as arrows.

Assembly of these details parts is simple. You have to remove the resin cast plugs (very easy to do, as the connecting parts are wafer-thin), clean up the resin part and then work the photoetch rocket-to-railing connection. There are a total of 3 parts, with a combined total of 8 bends, some of them at 45 deg, others at 90 deg, for each attachment point, and each rocket requires two attachment points.

I struggled to get them to bend in a way that would make them all match to each other. The parts look great, but they are more of a challenge that my skills can handle.

You can see in the pictures that the plastic parts look similar (with exception of the rocket-to-railing connection). Certainly the resin parts look better, with thinner rocket fins and thinner railings. But if you cannot get the photoetch connecting parts to look good by getting all of them (16 attaching parts are needed for 8 rockets) I might consider just sticking to the plastic parts. Again, this is all about your comfort level with small parts.

Painting was accomplished with enamels and decals (from either the aftermarket set or the Profipack boxing) behaved flawlessly.

In Summary

The parts are cast with exquisite detail. Sadly several of them arrived with bending or twisting. The photoetch parts require multiple bends, more than this reviewer experience is capable to handle. I have done some cockpit PE detail parts like small boxes, seatbelts and such. This kit pushed my skills beyond what I think I'm capable, but still I'm glad to have tried and that the set is available for more skillful modelers than me.

Recommended to modelers with advanced experience in small photoetch parts and with experience fixing bended resin parts.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Eduard Models for the review sample.

  • PE Fret
    PE Fret
  • Rocket Bodies 1
    Rocket Bodies 1
  • Rocket Bodies 2
    Rocket Bodies 2
  • Rails on Sprue
    Rails on Sprue
  • Rails off Sprue
    Rails off Sprue
  • Plastic & Resin Rockets
    Plastic & Resin Rockets
  • Plastic & Resin Rockets and Rails
    Plastic & Resin Rockets and Rails
  • Resin Rocket
    Resin Rocket
  • Plastic Parts Finished
    Plastic Parts Finished
  • Aftermarket Parts Finished
    Aftermarket Parts Finished
  • Finished Rocket Comparison
    Finished Rocket Comparison
  • Finished Rocket Comparison
    Finished Rocket Comparison

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