Scale Aircraft Modelling, November 2017 Volume 39, Issue 09

Published: March 15th, 2018     
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Reviewed by: Phil Peterson - IPMS# 8739
ISBN #: 01908 640154
Other Publication Information: 88 pages
Price: $6.64
Product provided by: Guideline Publications

I have read Scale Aircraft Modelling (SAM) on and off for many years which is possible because this is the 39th year it has been in production. It is an English publication and, as the name implies, covers aircraft modeling. Normally I purchase my copy at a local bookstore but this issue came directly from the publisher so let's take a look and see what is in store.

There are 88 pages counting the inside and outside of the front and rear covers. Not sure what those are counted but have noticed this in other magazines. There is also 8 pages numbered separately in the middle of the magazine with no explanation.

One of the first things I noticed is the cover, duh, which has a nice painting of a Bachem Natter in flight. There are also a few pictures of some of the articles inside.

Once you open it there is an article before the table of contents. In this issue it is on the Revell 1/144th Embraer 190. It is a nice build in the kit supplied Lufthansa markings. The article is well written which is consistent throughout the issue but the in-process pictures are pretty small, also something that is consistent and probably my major complaint with this publication.

Next we get the table of contents which notes 9 articles but there is much more in the issue, and a small editorial.

A News section covers a small number of new release kits with a note indicating that more are located on their Facebook page which better gives the ability to get out what is new while it is new.

Also in this section is an update on Models for Heroes. "This non-profit charitable company aims to provide supplies of modelling materials to treatment centres and raise awareness of the mental health benefits of scale modelling."

News continues with a more detailed review of the Eduard 1/48th scale Fw 190A-4 with sprue shots and a bit on the Eduard Bunny Fighter Club.

The next section is titled Czech Out which covers kits from the Czech Republic. covered are the Brengun 1/48th Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka, a build article with just a box top picture on Sword's 1/72nd Fiat G.55 Centauro, and a Hauler 1/72nd Lanz 30Hp Bulldog tractor. Yep, not a plane but found on airfields so it counts. Works for me.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are very popular in England as you would know if you have ever made it to Scale Model World. The IPMS 144 SIG gets articles in each issue covering 1/144th scale projects. This issue covers Luftwaffe Jets, Rockets and Secret Projects. Several subjects are covered with even smaller pictures of box tops and finished builds.

Now we are into the meat of the magazine with a build article on Airfix's recent 1/72nd Jet Provost T.3. No in-process pics but some good shots of the completed build and some pics of the real aircraft.

Walkaround is a continuing section and this month is the Fisher P-75A Eagle. A small history is included with some pics of the cockpit and landing gear and a couple overall shots.

The next build is Hasagawa's 48th scale F-16 in a pretty Aggressor scheme. Again, a lot of verbiage covers the build with a good number of those small in-process pictures which mainly cover painting the splinter scheme.

Modelsvit 72nd Nug-320 gets a build article in the now usual style. This is an aircraft I was unfamiliar with so enjoyed learning a bit.

Aircraft in Profile gives some history, profiles, and scale drawings on an aircraft. The Morane-Saulnier M.S.406 is covered in detail with pictures, 21 lovely profiles, 3 pages of plans in 48th scale and info on available kits, decals and aftermarket.

Right in the middle of this article is Sub-Cutaneous, those extra 8 pages I told you about in the beginning. Not sure why they are here and numbered separately from the rest of the magazine but they cover Project E US Mk 7 bombs for RAF Canberras, and a build of Revell's 48th scale Eurofighter Typhoon including some pictures of the aircraft in use. There are a couple pages with pictures from the IPMS Argentian Mar Del Plata Model Show 2017 and page 8 covers a couple of 1/144th scale V Bombers.

Colour Conundrum is one of my favorite articles. This month is Part 1 on Late War Luftwaffe Camouflage. There is a good discussion section with paint chips indicating RLM numbers and Vallejo matches but the color drawings of the Me262, Do 335 and Me 163 are the highlight for me.

Another build covers the Wingnut Wings 32nd scale Sopwith Camel BR.1. Again, a lot of good info with small pics.

Part 2 of a build of the Italeri 32nd scale F35 A in Israeli markings.

The Review section covers Revell's 48th scale Spitfire Mk.II, HobbyBoss's 48th scale Bf 109G-6, Horizon's Mercury-Redstone I and Revell's 48th Fw 190 D9. These vary in length and include pictures of the finished builds.

The IPMS (UK) Column talks about the then upcoming Scale Model World show which is definitely worth the trip if you can swing it.

Marketplace covers some aftermarket products, decals, books, etc.

Stash in the Attic covers a build of Hasegawa's 48th Zero trainer and the IPMS 580 Modellers club gets a page which talks about their visit and display at the Sutton Coldfield Model Spectacular.

Whew, that is a lot of reading. The next issue reviewed should be a bit shorter as many of the pages mentioned above are continued in each issue. Again, the articles were pretty well written with only the occasional editing error which does bug me as I used to write training material online. In case you didn't notice the only other real issue I have is the small build pictures. The detail in the written articles attempts to make up for it, but personally I would be ok with maybe 1 or 2 less articles and larger photos.

Thanks to Guideline Publications and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

  • Cover
  • Hasegawa Agressor build article
    Hasegawa Agressor build article
  • Color Conundrum article
    Color Conundrum article

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