Scale Plans He-111H

Published: February 11th, 2019     
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Author: Maciej Noszczak
Reviewed by: 
Dick Montgomery, IPMS# 14003
Company: Casemate Publishing
ISBN #: 978-83-65958-16-7
Other Publication Information: 20 pages, Scaled plans @ 1/32nd, Paperback, 8.3x11.7
Price: $15.00
Product / Stock #: # 59

This publication is an MMP Books publication distributed in North America by Casemate Publications. MMP Books are characterized as being of very high quality and this product is no different. This publication consists of scaled line drawings of the He-111H. There is no text other than captions for the drawings.


  • 3 views of a Junkers Jumo 211 A-1 as fitted to an He-111 H-1 (port side of cowl, starboard side of cowl, and head-on view of cowl, & prop spinner
  • Starboard side of aircraft with panel lines, cockpit framing, machine gun placement
  • Top view of airframe showing panel lines, maintenance access panels, machine gun placement, upper surface of horizontal stabilizers and control rods. Due to the wingspan, scale of the drawings, and size of the actual publication, the wing surfaces outboard of the engines are presented as separate drawings.
  • Bottom view of airframe with same detail as above paragraph.
  • Port Side view of He-111 H-10
  • Port Side view of He-111 H-14

While I've had a Revell 1/32nd He-111 P-1 in my stash for a number of years, I did not realize just how large that model will be when its finished and on display. Of course, I compared the drawings in the MMP publication to the parts in the Revell kit, taking note of the fact that the Revell kit is an He-111 P-1, and none of the drawings show P-1 detail. What I noticed was a satisfying matching of the details on the kit to the details on the drawing.

I can see some potential uses for the drawings once the He-111 project gets underway. For example, some of the drawings would make an excellent "cover" for a base upon which the model will be attached. Copies of the drawings cut and placed on the model during painting might make an excellent template for camouflage.

This publication is highly recommended for its price, high quality of the art work, and for other potential uses during the construction of a model of the He-111 in any scale, as well as in 1/32nd scale. Thanks to Casemate Publications for provide this publication to IPMS/USA for review.

  • Book cover
    Book cover
  • Sample of illustrations
    Sample of illustrations

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