Sherman Tanks (U.S. Army, North-Western Europe, 1944-1945)

Published: February 22nd, 2019     
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Author: Dennis Oliver
Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton - IPMS# 50734
ISBN #: 9781526741868
Price: $22.95


The aim of this innovative new series is to provide modelmakers and tank enthusiasts with a new standard of primarily visual reference of both full-size tanks and their scale models. Each book will contain detailed technical information imparted through drawings and photographs while the meticulously researched full-color profiles will provide a complete reference for paint schemes and markings, in addition every volume of TankCraft series will feature summaries of design histories and operational careers, and reviews of available kits. Each book is devoted to an iconic tank type - chosen for its popularity as a modelling subject - and the series will provide coverage across a range of different criteria, showcasing the best of the world's tank types and providing invaluable insight and guidance for modelmakers.

The Author

Dennis Oliver is the author of over twenty books on the Second World War armoured vehicles including Codename Swallow: British Sherman Tanks to Alamein, To the Last Bullet: Germanys War on 3 Fronts, Westwall: German Armour in the West1945, Viking Summer and A Sound Like Thunder.


This is the 6th book in a series of Tank Craft books. Parts of the book cover the Sherman Tank history in Europe and model kits of the Sherman. The book is paper bound has 64 pages, 11 pages of color illustrations of different Sherman tanks and 21 pages of color photographs of the Sherman.

The book is divided into nine sections:

  1. Introduction
    • The book opens talking about the United States being a newcomer to the Armored force just eighteen months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. A tank service had been formed in 1918 but was disbanded in 1920.
    • The Armored force that fought on north-western Europe would be eventually made up of fifteen Armored Divisions and thirty-six separate tank Battalions.
  2. The North-West European Battlefields
    • This section includes a map of the front lines in France and Central Europe from 12 June to 18 August 1944.
  3. The Armoured Divisions
    • This part of the book describes the different Armored Divisions including a brief history of Divisions actions and activities through the war.
  4. The Separate Tank Battalions
    • A breakdown of different Tank Battalions in this part of the book also gives history of involvement in the war with numerous pictures of tanks in action.
  5. Camouflage and Markings
    • The book has 10 pages of color illustrations of various tanks dressed out in camo and unit identifiers.
  6. Model Showcase
    • The showcase section documents in color photos models built by various modelers and contains 10 pages of pictures. I enjoyed this part for future reference when I build my own Sherman Tank.
  7. Modelling Products
    • 20 different model companies are featured in this part of the book. A color photograph of the manufacture's model along with some information on different variants of the Sherman offered.
  8. Technical Details and Modifications
    • Highlighted in this part of the book are black and white photographs of different details of any tank. The sections of the tank details are identified in small paragraphs with labeled parts in the photographs.
  9. Product Contact Details
    • If you are interested in finding products offered by the model companies, this part gives you contact resources.


I had a limited knowledge of the Sherman tank previously and thus the reason to request a review of this book. The subject was very well covered with history of the tank's service and what some of the tanks looked like in color illustrations. Pictures of constructed models of the Sherman were informative to see how modelers painted and weathered them.

If you are preparing to build a Sherman tank (as I am) I recommend this book as a reference including information of companies producing the models of the Sherman.

I want to thank Casemate publishing, Dennis Oliver and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to read and review the Sherman Tanks book.

  • Crockodile (644x1024)
    Crockodile (644x1024)
  • Hector II (1024x700)
    Hector II (1024x700)
  • North-West European Battlefield (686x1024)
    North-West European Battlefield (686x1024)
  • Seperate Tank Battalions (710x1024)
    Seperate Tank Battalions (710x1024)
  • Tamiya Sherman (697x1024)
    Tamiya Sherman (697x1024)
  • Tank Craft Series (697x1024)
    Tank Craft Series (697x1024)
  • Technical Details and Modifications (678x1024)
    Technical Details and Modifications (678x1024)

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