Space Shuttle Rocket Set

Published: August 30th, 2011     
Product Image
Parts in kitset
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery - IPMS# 14003
Scale: 1/72
Price: $49.95
Product / Stock #: SCA-001

Fisher Model & Pattern has released a set of parts for the newly re-released Space Shuttle in 72nd scale. Parts included are single-piece resin parts and include

  • 3 Shuttle Main Engine Nozzles
  • 2 Orbital Maneuvering Nozzles
  • 2 Aft Control Thruster Housings

This item is so new that a set of instructions was not yet ready to be included with the review sample provided, but as the note that accompanied my sample stated, "It isn't all that hard to figure out where they go."

As one can see in the attached images, each of the 3 Shuttle Main Engine Nozzles is molded as a single piece. The outer surface has a great deal of detail in the form of piping and rings. The casting is extremely sharp with no flash. I found two small "bubbles" in the casting, both are located in the 2nd ring from the top of the nozzle. I was not at all sure that they were, indeed, small little air bubbles, thinking that they may be the attachment point for some sort of pipe of piece of gear. A very small dab of superglue will be sufficient to fill up the holes and they are not a point of concern.

One of the great detail features of the 3 Main Engine Nozzles can be seen when one looks at the inner surface of the nozzles. One can clearly see the vertical grooves engraved into the surface that gives the interior of the nozzles that distinctive "pipe organ" appearance! The detail is exquisite!

The Orbital Maneuvering Nozzles, for all intents and purposes, have no flaws. The nozzles and the "base" to which the nozzles are attached on the 1:1 shuttle are nicely represented by Fisher's product as a single piece. The base also is engraved with a "tile" pattern.

The Aft Control Thruster Housings are, in a way, the most spectacular parts in this set. Every exterior surface on the Control Thruster Housings has detail engraved into it, and there are 3 distinctly different "textures" that are represented. The two small exhaust nozzles are pristine and perfectly formed even though the nozzle walls are extremely thin, as they should be!

Some surgery on the Shuttle kit will be necessary in order to use the Fisher parts. The Shuttle kit (either Revell or Monogram...they're the same in this regard) comes with the Aft Control Thruster Housings molded on the main thruster plate. They can be removed easily, with the Fisher parts simply glued into place. While you've got your razor saw in hand, also remove the kit mounting "donut" for the Orbital Maneuvering Nozzles. The Fisher parts can, quite literally, be glued directly over the holes left behind when the kit mounting "donuts" are removed. No surgery needs to be done in order to mount the 3 Main Engine Nozzles. If you wish to add more "surface" to which the resin nozzles are to be attached, just fill in the "donut" whole in each of the three Main Engine Nozzle attachment points with your favorite brand of putty.

Additional images of this Fisher product will be included in a future review of the Monogram 1/72 Shuttle kit.


I've worked with resin parts before and this set is as cleanly molded and error-free as any product I've had the opportunity to use. "Assembly" is very easy and rather quick, and requires very little in the way of alternation to the Shuttle kit. This product is highly recommended.

Thanks to Fisher Model & Pattern for the sample items.

  • Comparing kit parts (L) to review set parts (R)
    Comparing kit parts (L) to review set parts (R)
  • Aft Control Thruster Housings
    Aft Control Thruster Housings
  • Inside nozzle detail
    Inside nozzle detail
  • Detail view
    Detail view
  • Close-up view of Orbital Maneuvering Nozzles
    Close-up view of Orbital Maneuvering Nozzles

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