SR-71 High/Low Viz Decals

Published: September 20th, 2011     
Decal Sheet
Decal Sheet
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/48
Company: Afterburner Decals
Price: $20.00
Product / Stock #: 48-078
Product provided by: Afterburner Decals

Afterburner decal sheets are jammed, literally, with detail. In these sheets are all the schemes you could imagine for this jet. Also, proper, well-researched stenciling is provided for both high- and low-visibility jets. They even have the sled that was operational at my favorite perch, RAF Mildenhall, in the 1984-86 timeframe! Ah, the days of standing in the mist just after sunrise, watching and feeling the dual afterburners blasting everyone out of the rack early in the morning as the bird departed and climbed out at a ridiculous angle!

Sheet 48-078 has markings for 11 jets from the mid-1990's to retirement. Included are NASA and operational combat birds with mission markings/tail art.
Sheet 48-079 covers 14 jets, including the YF-12 in 2 schemes and an SR-71B with the high-visibility markings for the early years. Also included on this sheet are Vietnam, record holder, and test jets.

I can't say enough about these; I have started my SR-71 models again (after a 20 year hiatus) and fully intend to do the MHZ bird first. Color density is great (I have already cut one of these sheets up to use the white markings on another aircraft) and the red goes over the black body perfectly. (No, the sled was not blue; that was reflective quality of the paint. It was dead black).

These are "10" sheets, hands-down. It will be a while, but I'll be using them once the resin upgrades recently announced as "soon" from one of the "cottage industry" companies releases their wheel wells and improved AB sections. Well done, Afterburner!

Hearty thanks to afterburner decals for providing IPMS USA these sheets!

  • 48-078 decal
    48-078 decal
  • 48-078 placement
    48-078 placement
  • 48-079 decal
    48-079 decal
  • 48-079 placement
    48-079 placement

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