Tarp Rolls and Crates Set #1

Published: January 20th, 2014     
Tarp Rolls and Crates Set #1
Reviewed by: Bart Cusumano - IPMS# 31882
Scale: 1/72
Company: Value Gear
Price: $11.50
Product / Stock #: 1
Product provided by: Value Gear

If you're into small-scale armor like me, then you know that accessories like tarps, boxes and such have been hard to come by. Additionally, you usually had to order from overseas e-shops and pay an arm and a leg for the stuff, the quality of which sometimes was not that great. Well, thanks to our friends at Value Gear, that situation just got a bit better.


The "Tarp Rolls & Crates, Set #1", comes in a clear, zip-lock 3.5" x 5" poly bag which is stapled securely to a printed 3.75" x 7.25" fold-over card backing. The bag contains 37 individual pieces of resin molded tarp rolls and boxes - and individual means that there are no two items alike! There is also a full-color 3" x 4-5/8" tip sheet (or card) on the preparation and finishing of the resin product.

The Product

There is only one word to describe these little gems: exquisite. I was absolutely blown away by the finely molded pieces. Remember, this is small-scale, 1:72 scale. The delicacy of the folded over tarp ends has to be seen to be believed. I've bought and seen a lot of small scale resin stowage items and I have to say that to date, these are perhaps the best rendered pieces available out there. Just look at the photos below and you'll see what I mean. Some of the tarp rolls even exhibit a very fine cloth texture - amazing. And all of that great sculpting? That makes painting and finishing even easier. The uniqueness of each piece will also make it easy to mix and match them to whatever purpose you need them for: tank stowage or diorama content, or whatever.

Another great part of these pieces is that you won't have to deal with pour stubs - there aren't any. There might be a wee bit of clean-up needed for some light flash on the bottom of some of the pieces, but it really is quite easily achieved with a standard X-Acto blade.


Although I already stated it, I have to say again that these Value Gear pieces are perhaps the best stowage items that I personally have seen for small-scale projects. The key word here is 'value', because that's exactly what they represent. You get 37 individual pieces of gear for $11.50. Not only would I recommend buying this product, but I intend to buy more of it myself. The only other thing that I have to say is, please Value Gear, more!

Many thanks to the folks at Value Gear for supplying the review sample and to IPMS-USA for allowing me the pleasure of writing this review.

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