Tempest Mk. V Wheels Early

Published: July 4th, 2019     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/48
Company: Eduard
Price: $9.95
Product / Stock #: 648420
Product provided by: Eduard

EVEN more THANKS VERY MUCH to our friends at Eduard in Czechoslovakia!, and Phil and John in the specialized shipping to reviewers business.

This review is for the resin wheel and tire assembly (plus masks) designed for the early version of the Tempest V. Superb detail, Manufacturer info on the tire wall, inflation stem peeking out from one of the cooling vents, and detail on the brake cover plate on the back. Follow my instructions for success: (BTW, I cleaned off the wheels with Blech white to remove any mold release, and used Duplicolor(r) brand flat black primer in a large spray can; this ensured I had NO problem with paint adhesion over resin).

  1. Paint the wheel primer flat black, in my case Duplicolor(r)
  2. Peel the un-needed background mask off the backing sheet; that leaves you just what you are working on, and apply the outer section to the tire portion. Use a blunt or cocktail stick to firmly burnish the tire radial area around the wheel so it fills the connecting area
  3. Paint the Wheel section aluminum or steel; light touch, dust it on in several passes, or creep under the mask will occur.
  4. LET THE PAINT DRY, then remove the mask; cut the pour stub off the tire, touch up the rubber painted area if required.
  5. I used a white Prismacolor(r) pencil to add Slip marks, small rectangular areas on the tire that are usually white on British aircraft I've seen.
  6. Weather the tire if required.
  7. Drill the pre-drill hole opening a bit larger to fit on the landing gear axle, thennnnnnn.....
  8. Superglue or epoxy on to the main gear or, in the case of the tail wheel, the tail gear fork. Make sure toe in/out are ok, and the flats on the wheels are all on the ground, not up like an immature idiot putting his feet up on the oval office desk.

An excellent set, Eduard, I need to buy two more of these sets for my two upcoming Tempest builds... AND THANKS again for sending this great addition to IPMS USA (thanks Phil and John, too...)!

  • Package
  • Parts Comparison
    Parts Comparison
  • Parts Comparison
    Parts Comparison
  • Wheels with Mask
    Wheels with Mask
  • After paint
    After paint
  • Wheel Well detail with Tire
    Wheel Well detail with Tire
  • Main Gear
    Main Gear
  • Anti Shimmy Tire
    Anti Shimmy Tire

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