Tru-Color Green Gray and Brown Paint - Military Ships Series

Published: October 8th, 2018     
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Reviewed by: Rob Benson - IPMS# 44038
Scale: All
Company: Tru-Color Paint
Price: $5.69
Product provided by: Tru-Color Paint

Thank you to Tru-Color Paint for providing an assortment of their Military Ships Series paints to review. Thank you to the IPMS Reviewer Corps for allowing me to test out some of this excellent paint line. This review focuses on product application and ease of use.

Tru-Color Paint describes this product line as a solvent-based acrylic paint. What this means for the modeler is that the same safety precautions required for enamels and others must be used with these paints. The Tru-Color website describes acrylic component as the polymer for surface bonding.

I used the recommended airbrush pressure of 28- 35 psi. I tested the paint using a Paasche Talon airbrush with a medium tip. I used paint straight from the bottle, after placing the 1 oz poly bottles in a paint shaker for 5 minutes. I did not need thinner for good application, and the paints dried quite quickly. I also did not need any retarder since my airbrush hood temperature was 70deg and relative humidity at ~50%. The airbrush cleaned up nicely with acetone. After 24 hours, I couldn't budge the paint from the test sheet using standard masking materials. The opacity is excellent. I could not feel the painted areas versus bare areas with my fingertip, suggesting a very fine pigment and density to these colors.

The paints I tested are as follows, including the best match I found with my FS 595b fan deck.

  • TCP-1000: Norfolk 65-A. Antifouling Red, closest to FS 30160
  • TCP-1009: Mahogany, closest to FS 31090
  • TCP-1023: Navy Brown, 1-A- 1942, closest to FS 30059
  • TCP-1025: Navy Brown, 2-A- 1942, closest to FS 30109
  • TCP-1026: Navy Brown, 3-A- 1942, closest to FS 30108
  • TCP-1027: Navy Brown, 4-A- 1942, closest to FS 33275
  • TCP-1031: Navy Green, 4-A 1942, closest to FS 34094
  • TCP-1034: Green #3- 1944, closest to FS 34128
  • TCP-1089: 5-OG, Ocean Green Rev. 1943 closest to FS 34528
  • TCP-1090: 5-PG, Pale Green Rev. 1943, closest to FS 34424
  • TCP-1091: 5-HG, Haze Green Rev. 1943, closest to FS 334272
  • TCP-1093: #27 Haze Gray, 5-H1944-1945, closest to FS 36314

Labeled color test stripes on a white plastic background are included in this review. The stripes were painted at a 90 degree angle to the surface and at a distance of 6 inches. The small burp on the Antifouling Red and some spatters are due to operator error, not the paint.

The paint bottles are not easy to knock over on the bench. The paint number is on the cap, which could be a problem if you have more than one bottle open and mix up the caps. There are bar codes on the bottles, but I could not get my scanner app to read them. These are very minor points and do not detract from the product at all.

I highly recommend this excellent series of paints. They were very easy to use, clean up and produced great results. This set will work very well on WW2-era USN riverine, PT and other close-in patrol vessels.

Thanks again to Tru-Color for providing these samples! As always, thank you to the stalwart Reviewer Corps for your hard work in making these review opportunities happen!

  • Tru-Color grays greens and browns bottles
    Tru-Color grays greens and browns bottles
  • Tru-Color grays greens and browns color stripes
    Tru-Color grays greens and browns color stripes

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