U.S. 101st Airborne Division Normandy 1944

Published: April 14th, 2014     
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Mike Van Schoonhoven, IPMS# 41627
Scale: 1/35
Company: MiniArt
Price: $18.75
Product / Stock #: 5835089

MiniArt is a Ukraine company that was established in 2001 and released their first kit in 2003. They are well known for their Diorama series, but the have released many armored vehicles, figure sets and accessory sets over the past several years.

This figure set comes in a end opening cardboard box. The instructions for assembling the figures is on the rear of the box. The kit comes with two sprues and these contain the five figures and equipment for them.

The figures are molded in a light grey plastic. There is just a slight amount of flash on the parts, with the biggest issue being the clean up of mold lines. The figures are pretty well detailed, just be careful in your clean up of the mold lines as you might lose some details. Painting instructions and paints are called out on the rear of the box. They list several different paint manufacturers.

The figures assemble fairly easy with just a few small gaps, nothing Mr. Hobby dissolved putty can't fix. The biggest con is the lack of decals for markings on the paratroopers. On the box they show them with unit patches, American flag and helmet markings. Luckily there is a company that produces all those details. One other thing just to add, is that the M1 Garand that the one paratrooper is holding may have a weird molding on it to some. It is a molded circle about half way out on the stock. My guess is that the M1 example MiniArt used for this molding had a grenade site attachment for rifle grenades. Just slice it off with your exacto if you so choose.

My overall impression is that these figures would look great in any diorama based around the Normandy invasion. You could use these figures as the set was intended or mix and match figures.

I would like to thank Model Rectifier Corporation and IPMS/USA for affording me the opportunity to review this kit.

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    Sprue shot
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U.S. 101st Airborne Division Normandy 1944

I think you've missed several glaring mistakes in this set.

1. The 101st did not wear American flags on the Normandy Jump
2. They did not wear the first aid kits on their helmets - that was an 82nd thing.

These are minor and can be argued, but this cannot:

3. the upper pocket flaps are absolutely wrong for the M1942 paratrooper jacket.

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