Vital Storm: Early Hurricanes - Pt 2

Published: March 29th, 2011     
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Roger Rasor, IPMS# 34117
Scale: 1/48
Company: Aviaeology
Price: $16.00
Product / Stock #: AOD48007.2

Aviaeology offers a variety of decal sets for model builders who build 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale WWII Aircraft flown by Commonwealth nations. Among them are two sets to finish early Hawker Hurricanes. Set #AOD480007.2 provides markings for 1/48 scale Hurricanes in service during the Battle of Britain and beyond. Obviously, since it is part 2, there also is a part 1 that will be reviewed elsewhere on this site. This set, like the others, appears to be based on considerable research, and the fact that it is produced for Aviaelology by Zotz assures model builders of high print quality. Full instruction sheets are included that provide complete black & white left and right profiles and plan views for each aircraft. And, full color PDF images of the illustrations on the instruction sheets will be emailed from Aviaeology upon request.

Eight subjects are covered. They are:

  1. 87 Squadron, Flight Leader Gleed;
  2. June/July 1940 (Standard B scheme)
  3. August/October 1940 (Standard B scheme with red nose scallop)
  4. April 1941 (Overall black finish with camouflaged rudder)
  5. 33 Squadron, Flight Officer "Woodie" Woodward (RCAF) October 1940 Egypt (Standard Desert A scheme)
  6. 261 Squadron, Flight Leader JAF MacLachin & Sgt FN Robertson; November 1940 Malta (Standard B scheme; tropical-sand & spinach).
  7. 310 Squadron, Pilot Officer AV Bergmann (Czech); October 1940, Standard A scheme.
  8. 85 Squadron, Pilot Officer AG Lewis (S. Africa); July 1940, Standard B scheme.
  9. 249 Squadron, Flight Leader JB Nicolson (VC); August 1940, Standard A scheme.

The review sample is well printed in perfect register and the colors look accurate to me. Aviaeology includes an extra sheet with dull red stencils, dull red centers for the roundels and fin flashes. Everything is accurately sized to fit 1/48 scale Hurricane models built from Hasegawa and Hobbycraft kits. See the review of the 1/72 set for further comment.

Highly recommended. Thanks to SkyGrid and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

  • Instruction sheets
    Instruction sheets
  • Instruction sheet cover
    Instruction sheet cover
  • Included decal sheets in set
    Included decal sheets in set

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