Yak-130 Aircraft Flaps and Slats Detail Set

Published: November 29th, 2018     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Phil Pignataro - IPMS# 17254
Scale: 1/72
Company: Amigo Models
Price: $17.99
Product / Stock #: AMG 72050

Amigo Models has expanded their product line with a set of leading edge slats and trailing edge slotted flaps for the new 1/72 scale Zvezda Yak-130 (No.7307). The kit itself does not have the option of showing the slats and flaps in the down position. Amigo's new resin addition allows the modeler to accomplish this.

The set includes six beautifully molded pieces, three for each wing: full span leading edge slats, and two flap sections to form the double slotted flap system used on the Yak-130. While there are substantial mold bases, I was able to remove the slat and main flap easily with a JLC razor saw. The smaller secondary slotted flap was more difficult because of its delicacy. It is in scale and is consequently extremely thin, so use caution when removing it for its base and when handling it. The trailing edge of the main flap is also thin and in scale.

The more difficult process was removing the lift devices from the kit's wing. For some reason, Zvezda provides a separate piece only for the underwing flap portion. You have to remove the upper wing's flap section yourself. Same is true for the slats. I used a combination of a scribing tool, razor saw, and hobby knife to remove these pieces. Next, I sanded the cut edges true with a sanding stick. Following this, I prepared the Amigo pieces by sanding and dry fitting them. After painting with Tamiya's 1000 as a primer, I sprayed the Amigo pieces dark gray so they would be visible in the photos. The slats attached easily, but the flaps presented some challenges. Slotted flaps have openings (slots) between the sections and with the wing. Here, the smaller flap sits on top of the main flap via four protrusions thus creating a small slot. To achieve the slot between the wing and this flap assembly, I drilled holes in the wing's hinge fairings and the flap's fairings and inserted small bits of wire into them. The wire created the necessary opening, albeit a small one.

As with other Amigo accessories I've used, the molding detail is exceptional, and the instructions are simple and clear. Also, their website has relevant reference photos. Amigo's offering supplies an easy solution to show the model with its lift devices deployed and thus add more "interest" to the model. Thanks to Amigo Models for suppling this accessory kit for an IPMS review.

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