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1/144 Platz Rescue Wings UH-60J & U-125A Combination Kit Damon Blair Kits November 3, 2019
1/48 Special Hobby AF-2S Guardian "Submarine Killer" Dave Morrissette Kits November 3, 2019
1/32 AGM-114 US Navy Wheel Chocks WWII Dick Montgomery Details November 7, 2019
Osprey Publishing Osprey B-58 Hustler Units Rod Lees Publications November 9, 2019
1/32 H-K Models Co. Lancaster B Mk.III Dambuster – Part 1 of 3 Chris Gibson Kits November 9, 2019
1/144 Academy Models USAF B-1B 34th BS "Thunderbirds" Ben Morton Kits November 10, 2019
1/48 Scale Aircraft Conversions Tempest Mk. V Landing Gear Bob LaBouy Details November 11, 2019
1/32 AOA Decals VF-154 Black Knights Dick Montgomery Decals November 17, 2019
1/144 Master Model F-5 Tiger II "Freedom Fighter" (shark nose versions) - F-5 E, F - Pitot Tube and 20mm gun barrels Jim Pearsall Details November 17, 2019
Mushroom Model Publications MMP Books Single #5, MiG-17F/Lim-5 Jim Pearsall Publications November 17, 2019
1/144 Scale Aircraft Conversions Boeing 737-800, -8 MAX, -700 Landing Gear Jim Pearsall Details November 17, 2019
1/48 Brengun RQ-7B Shadow UAV David Horn Kits November 18, 2019
1/144 Master Model Standard Nose F-5 Pitot Jim Pearsall Details November 18, 2019
1/72 Airfix North American B-25C/D Mitchell Chris Smith Kits November 18, 2019
1/72 Iliad Design North American B-25B, C, and D Mitchell Decals Chris Smith Decals November 18, 2019
1/144 Platz F-5 E/N Tiger II Jim Pearsall Kits November 18, 2019
1/48 Eduard Shafrir 2 Pablo Bauleo Details November 18, 2019
1/72 Brengun OKB Chelomey 16KhA Priboy Allan Murrell Kits November 19, 2019
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Category Publishedsort icon
Osprey Publishing Battle of Berlin 1943-1944 Bob LaBouy Publications November 3, 2019
Mission Models Mission Models Paint, Part 4 (Clear Primer) Blaine Singleton Modeling Products November 7, 2019
AMMO by Mig Jimenez First Aid Basic Washes Michael Reeves Modeling Products November 18, 2019
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Category Publishedsort icon
Kagero Publishing The Battleship HMS Rodney, 1942 Marc K. Blackburn Publications November 4, 2019
Osprey Publishing British Escort Carriers 1941-45 Pablo Bauleo Publications November 18, 2019
David Doyle Books USS Tennessee (BB-43) From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa in World War II Bill Kluge Publications November 18, 2019
Figures & Dioramas
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Category Publishedsort icon
1/35 Hauler Baggage Carts Allan Murrell Kits November 6, 2019