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Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
Zenith Press X-15: The World's Fastest Rocket Plane Ben Guenther Publications April 12, 2014
1/72 Res-Im X-29 Photo Etched Parts Phil Pignataro Details April 3, 2015
1/72 Res-Im X-29A Mask Phil Pignataro Details April 9, 2015
1/48 Scale Aircraft Conversions X-47B Landing Gear Dave Morrissette Details September 12, 2014
1/72 Platz X-47B Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) - U.S. Navy Steve Collins Kits January 27, 2014
1/72 Platz X-47B with GBU-27 James Binder Kits May 1, 2014
Hikoki Publications X-Planes of Europe II: More Secret Research Aircraft from the Golden Age 1945-1971 Frank Landrus Publications May 26, 2016
Hikoki Publications X-Planes of Europe: Secret Research Aircraft of the Golden Age 1946-1974 Dick Montgomery Publications August 5, 2012
Osprey Publishing X-Planes: Jet Prototypes of World War II: Gloster, Heinkel, and Caproni’s Wartime Jet Programs Brian R. Baker Publications August 22, 2019
1/200 Cyber-Hobby XB-35 Flying Wing Ben Guenther Kits October 27, 2012
1/72 Brengun XB-70 Photoetch Detail Set Rod Lees Details October 21, 2017
1/200 Cyber-Hobby XB-70A Valkyrie Jack Kennedy Kits April 30, 2012
1/48 Planet Models XF10F-1 Jaguar Dave Morrissette Kits December 11, 2012
1/48 Scale Aircraft Conversions XF5U-1 Flapjack Landing Gear (KH) Frank Landrus Details February 21, 2016
1/48 Xuntong Xuntong TU-2T Torpedo bomber David Wrinkle Kits May 6, 2013
1/48 Eduard Yak 3 Soviet Fighter Chris Smith Kits May 17, 2011
1/48 Quickboost Yak-1 Exhaust David Wrinkle Details December 10, 2013
1/72 Amigo Models Yak-130 Aircraft Flaps and Slats Detail Set Phil Pignataro Details November 29, 2018
1/48 Eduard Yak-1b Greg Wise Kits October 13, 2015
1/48 MikroMir Yak-23 "Flora" Charles Landrum Kits October 10, 2018
1/48 Bobcat Hobby Yak-28P "Firebar" Charles Landrum Kits October 17, 2017
Space & Sci-Fi Vehicles
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/48 Fine Molds X-Wing Fighter Floyd S. Werner Jr. Kits January 1, 2009
1/35 Masterpiece Models XP-1937 Coastal Reconnaissance, Attack and Battery Scout - C.R.A.B.S. Dave Morrissette Kits August 11, 2018
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
Xuron Corporation Xuron Cutters Dick Montgomery Modeling Products January 4, 2016
Military Vehicles
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/35 MiniArt YA-12 Soviet Artillery Tractor Fred Wilms Kits November 7, 2012