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August 11, 2020
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This is a review of one of the many Alpha products designed specifically for scale modelers.

I have long been a fan of Alpha products in many of their forms. Especially their micro sanding pads which allow me to perform very finely detailed sanding and polishing. With this 5 pack I can use the entire sheet of sanding film or by combining the sheet (or smaller cut pieces) use them in model sanding. I also use smaller pieces cut into strips and held in place with double sided tape and mounted on small popsicle sticks. Alpha Graphics has produced their products for over 75 years and long established their reputation for high quality, long lasting sanding products.

From the manufacturer’s statements: “These abrasive sheets have razor sharp grit embedded in a double coating, producing a long-lasting resilient product. This product will not peel or crack, even under heavy use and strain! The Professional Sanding Film is washable and reusable. This package contains one sheet of each 150, 320, 400, 600 and 1000 grit providing a gradual progression from coarse to fine grits for superior results. This product is a must have for any hobby medium including wood, plastic, or metal.”

These sanding sheets are 3” wide by 8” long.

Overall Evaluation

I have used these sanding film sheets and find them an invaluable addition to my desktop tools. They continue to be useful after many applications and with washing I suspect they have useful life beyond the four or five times I have used them. These sanding sheets are highly recommended.


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