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Marek Ryś
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March 17, 2021
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Paperback, 20 pages
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Kagero/Casemate Publishers has a Top Drawings series that showcases a single subject with high quality, blue print style line drawings and several colorful schemes of the specific subject.

The current catalog lists 110 titles, so there is a subject of interest for just about anyone. All of the titles from Top Drawings are geared for the fastidious amongst us who crave accurate representations on the subject of choice, be it aircraft, armor, or ship.

With aircraft titles the plans are in all the popular scales: 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. The 1/72nd scale five view drawings are included within the frame work of the publication. The larger (1/48th and 1/32nd scale) drawings are presented on individual sheets that are inserted into the booklet and are removable. Kagero/Casemates website states that each title contains an additional item in the form of a decal sheet, paint mask, or gun barrel(s) as is appropriate for the specific title. Sadly, the item went wanting from my review copy.

The subject of this missive is the Arado 234, focusing on the B-2, B-2/N, and C-3 variants. Each of these versions of the Arado 234 are presented in beautifully detailed line drawings by Marek Ryś. After a concise, accurate history the drawings present the Arado 234 in splendid detail with several important facts about each type. One amongst many is that the Arado 234 had almost all rivets and panel lines spackled and were not visible on serial aircraft. The history and the commentary on the drawings are in both Polish and English in this soft cover, twenty page book..

There are two marking beautifully rendered schemes illustrated in this release. One set of colour plates is of an Arado 234 C-3 that was captured by US troops at München-Riem airfield. The other colour plates are of an Arado 234 B-2 flown by Obslt, Robert Kowalewski from KG 76, during a mission aganist Ludendorff Bridge in Remegen in March 1945.

This TopDrawings title from Marek Ryś is a boon to the series hobbyist who desires an accurate Arado 234. The multi-scale drawings are wonderfully rendered and provide an immense amount of detail in the form of correct panel lines and inspection plates as well as detailed, six-view drawings of the Walter HKW 109-600 A-1 R.A.T.O. Unit.

These detailed drawings will be of immense aid to anyone wishing to build an accurate Arado 234. It should be noted that this level of detail is often found wanting from other sources. Besides, the pullout, scale drawings and colour plates are suitable for framing.

My thanks to Kagero/Casemate Publishers and IPMS/USA for the review copy

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