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January 18, 2012
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QB 32 106
Base Kit
Hasegawa 1/32 Bf-109F-2
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I like to articulate my flight controls, but I can never get it to look just right. The biggest hassle is the curved portion on the flight controls themselves. Quickboost offers a solution. Molded in light grey resin with no blemishes, a Bf-109F rudder and two elevators with rounded leading edges are now offered as a solution to that problem.

You will have to cut the horizontal tail surfaces and bevel the attachment area, but this wasn’t too difficult. I did this with Dymo tape and a scribing tool. Once the part was removed, the parts were trued up and then the bevel was done with a round file. All this ensured a proper fit. I pinned the elevators to the plastic piece to allow me to install and adjust the elevators to the same angle. Everything is relatively easy and within the realm of most modelers.

I elected not to use the rudder at this time, but the same process would be used for it as well.

Don’t forget to offset the control stick and rudder pedals. On my model, I only had the elevators dropped slightly so the stick is slightly forward.

I would have enjoyed having both the horizontal stabilizer and the elevators, as well as the rudder angled slightly, but even so, the modification is quite easy. I think it adds to the life of the model with minimal work.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Quickboost and IPMS/USA for the review copy.


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