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March 3, 2014
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Base Kit
Hobby Boss Wildcat
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Upfront, I want to thank Aires and Quickboost for providing these fine aftermarket bits for our beloved models and to the IPMS USA a big thank you for allowing me to review this Quickboost product.

Admittedly I am proud of the fact I love the stubby World War II fighter. The Rita, Buffalo and certainly the Grumman Wildcat. I have several in my stash including the Hobby Boss 1/48 wildcat and it’s a good looking kit. I snagged the Quickboost exhaust stubs for the wildcat before even looking at the plastic parts. In all honesty, when I finally looked at the original parts, I didn’t think you could improve on them. I was wrong! The original parts are well molded and due to the large diameter exhaust, even the kit parts have an open exhaust. NO need to drill out the opening. Well, where I think the Quickboost parts shine, is the fact the wall thickness is more in line with a scale thickness. The original kit parts are certainly way too thick.

Like other Quickboosts parts I’ve used in the past, the Wildcat exhaust stubs are very well detailed, free of air bubbles and after a quick cleanup to remove the mold release agent were ready for primer. The attachment stubs were very thin and it is very easy to remove from the part from the pour stub.

Highly recommended!


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