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Robbie M. Robinson
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Published on
March 31, 2019
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119 pages, 123 B&W and color photos and 43 color drawings
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Born from the great North American F-86A, the F-86D/K all weather interceptor had a long and widespread career. It served the USA both home and abroad and as this book covers with 7 NATO air forces as well as US forces in Europe. The F-86D/K served NATO until the final ones were retired from the Italian Air Force in 1973.

The book has 5 total sections with the first section a brief overview of its development and production. Section Two covers the USAF in Europe. Section 3 is the largest section comprising 50 pages with coverage of the type’s service in Royal Danish, French, West German, Royal Hellenic, Italian, Royal Netherland and Royal Norwegian Air Force. Section Four has a look inside with manual pages and detail pictures reproduced throughout. The book ends with the squadron badge of every unit in Europe both US and European to operate the F-86D/K.

Throughout the book are many photographs of the F-86D/K in service and beautiful color artwork of planes from each air force. In many cases a B&W photo is show with a color drawing rendition of the same aircraft to illustrate the various markings.

The Sabre Dog is often overlooked and this book does yeoman’s work to rectify that. The information is well presented and a pleasure to read. The modeler, aviation historian and Sabre enthusiast alike will find a lot to love in the pages. The many colorful paint schemes illustrated will keep a model builder busy for years to come. When I first received this book I wondered if it would be worth the asking price. After reading it and looking at all the great photos and illustrations I can enthusiastically say “Yes”!

Our thanks to Editions Minimonde 76 for the review copy and my thanks to IPMS/USA for the review opportunity


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