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August 18, 2018
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The tragedy of the Titanic sinking is legendary and needs no introduction. For those of us who are, or will build the 1/350 Minicraft Titanic kit, this mast set is a cause for celebration!

I have personally had this ship kit half built and left for a good number of years. I had already scratch built many items to adorn the bridge, grand staircases, and other areas, as well as acquiring about every brass photo-etch set and even a wooden deck set. When I saw this Mast set show up for review, I had to have it and hopefully kick start my enthusiasm to finish this long drawn out build! Goodness knows how much grief I’ve gotten over the years from my wife and model buddies about when the Titanic will be finished!

Master continues to build on their extensive offerings, and this brass mast set is every bit as spectacular as other Master Model brass and photo-etch sets I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The packaging is their standard small zip lock bag containing the contents and instruction sheet. Smaller items are then contained within another small bag, each in their own compartment. There is a thin cardboard sheet to add protection to the delicate parts. If I could make one minor criticism (more a suggestion), it would be that the size of the overall zip lock package could be bigger to protect the entire length of the masts. As it is one of the masts was slightly bent. Nothing that can’t be fixed, however.

The masts themselves are very finely detailed but will be much stronger than the plastic masts when attaching the rigging. The masts have smaller, accurate diameters than the plastic parts and will need reinforcement at their bases below decks. This is indicated on the small, but comprehensive instruction sheet.

A Jackstaff and Ensign Flagpole, and Derrick boom are also included and are much finer than the plastic equivalent. Photo-etch items include the crows nest lookout, Derrick to mast attachment and the foremast navigation light housing. Other brass items include the navigation light and two bells. These tiny brass items have to be seen to be believed!!

I would categorize even the basic Titanic model as an undertaking for more experienced modelers. With the addition of aftermarket parts like this mast set, I would definitely recommend it for those modelers who have experience with kit modifications and working with very small delicate parts…Now, if Master would make a bag full of blocks and pulleys for the davits and running rigging, I’d be really, really happy!!

My thanks to Master Models, and the folks at IPMS for allowing me to review another fantastic offering.


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