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November 18, 2019
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Eduard continues to expand its Brassin line, this time with the release of the Shafrir 2 missile in 1/48 scale. These Israeli-built missiles have seen widespread service with the IDF, plus it has been exported to many countries in Latin America (I know of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and perhaps other countries as well).

I have to say that I like the new packaging of the Brassin detail sets. Now they are released in a clear plastic hard blister instead of a thin cardboard box. This new packaging protects delicate resin parts from being bent in transport.

This set provides you with two missile bodies, 8 fins, 2 pylon racks, clear resin for the IR sensor plus resin and photoetch parts for the sensor cover. Also a small decal sheet is provided.

Resin parts are beautifully casted and no seams or mold lines are to be found anywhere, as you expect nowadays from any Eduard release. All resin parts are connected to the casting blocks by very thin connectors that can be easily removed with the back of an X-11 knife blade.

Assembly of the missiles is simple and straightforward with the front fins being superglued to the main missile bodies. The missile bodies have indentations to help with location.

Painting was accomplished by using Model Master Enamels (Insignia White) and Model Master Gun Metal (Metallic range) for the fins.

I would say that the most elaborate part of the whole assembly is the painting and masking. I painted the back fins first and masked them before painting the main missile body white. I actually painted the front fins independently from the body and assembled them after decaling was done, as some decals have to be wrapped around the missile body before the front fins were glued in place. Finally the clear resin piece for the IR sensor was super-glued in place.

This detail set certainly enhances the look of your finished model and as far as I know there are no Shafrir 2 missiles available in injected plastic.

Given the finesse of the details and small size of different parts I would recommend this set to everyone except the most novice modeler. If you have built a few models and have some experience handling small parts you should have no problems at all.

I would like to thank IPMS/USA and Eduard Models for the review sample.


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