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November 13, 2016
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SM-700-050 (without blast bags) & SM-700-051 (with blast bags)
Base Kit
New Mexico (BB-40) and Tennessee (BB-43) classes
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The US Navy's New Mexico Class and Tennessee Class battleships mounted the 14in/50 rifles as main armament. The Trumpeter/Pit-Road 1/700 kit of the 1941 version of the USS Tennessee provides injected gun barrels both with and without blast bags. The injected barrels are molded in relatively soft grey plastic. Removal from the sprue results in a large attachment point remnant. Additionally, the barrel muzzles are molded solid and the small diameter, in 1/700 scale, makes them hard to drill.

Master-Model of Poland provides two aftermarket sets to replace the original kit barrels. Both sets provide 12 turned brass barrels with open muzzles. Set 700-050 is for turrets without blast bags and attach directly to holes drilled into the barrel openings in the turret faces. One advantage of this barrel set is that they allow for c051 is for turrets fitted with blahanges in barrel elevation which the kit barrels do not. Set 700-st bags. This set requires the removal of the kit barrels from their respective blast bags. Holes need to be drilled into the blast bags and then the new barrels attached to the blast bags. The new combination is then glued to the gun opening in the turret face. These barrels cannot have their elevation changed without changes to the plastic blast bags.


The brass barrels are more to scale and have open muzzles. There are no sprue stubs to remove.




Excellent product. Easy to install. Master-model provides 12 barrels which are sufficient to replace all the barrels on either one USS New Mexico-class battleship or one USS Tennessee-class battleship.


Highly recommend.

I would like to thank Master-Model of Poland for this review kit.


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