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April 3, 2015
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Base Kit

The Hasegawa X-29 in 1/72 scale has been around since the mid1980's and, as far as I know, is the only injection-molded kit of this interesting aircraft. Though accurate in outline, it is a very basic kit lacking detail in the wheel wells and cockpit. As was the norm with Hasegawa kits of that era, cockpit detail only consists of decals for the instrument and side panels, and a simplified ejection seat. However, RES-IM fills this void with their beautiful, full color, photo-etched set. If this set has a familiar look to you, that’s because Eduard produces it. Their logo is prominently displayed on the bottom of the fret.

Most of the pieces are for the cockpit - instrument panels, floor, and ejection seat. Those for the ejection seat really add to its realism. While I used CA glue for the instrument panels, I attached the seat pieces with Johnson's Pledge Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish (Future). This was a first for me and it worked great. The finished effect of this product creates a suitably "busy" cockpit, particularly in 1/72 scale.

The other pieces in this set are the pitot tubes and antenna. Each antenna consists of a separate base and blade, and are much more in scale than the kit's molded-on antenna. Hasegawa does not provide any pitot tubes for their X-29, so the pitot tubes from this fret are handy alternatives.

Overall, this RES-IM photo-etched set really adds to the realism of an otherwise very basic build. The “pre-painted” colors look just right to my eye. I would definitely recommend this RES-IM set to enhance your Hasegawa X-29. I know these P/E accessories look much better than any I could scratch build.

Thanks RES-IM and IPMS/USA for allowing me to review this item.


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