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September 11, 2014
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Base Kit
Freedom Models

Ross MacMillan and Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) continue to put our sturdy white-metal landing gear for many, if not all, of the new releases. This set is for the Freedom Models X-47B, the USN's UAV that is currently undergoing testing. Freedom Models’ kit is awesome and builds into a great representation of the UAV. One thing that hits you when you open the box is its size. It has a 62-foot wingspan, almost double a P-51’s! With that size of plane, white-metal gear could really help support it.

Inside the package, you get nine well cast white metal pieces. Two of these are options for the nose gear: one with the catapult attachment up and one down, ready for launch. The remainder include the primary gear legs and retraction struts as well as the remainder of the nose gear parts. The parts are cast perfectly, matching the kit parts, and are strong while being able to bend some to help in fitting them. Comparison shots of the kit and replacement parts are provided below. One thing to notice is that there are a lot of smaller kit parts that will need added like landing lights, small links, and some retractions tabs. Seam lines are faint, for the most part, and clean up should be easy. You can also represent the silver portions of the strut by allowing those areas to remain in bare metal, if desired.

This is an excellent set and should easily support your X-47B kit for many years to come. My thanks to SAC and IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.


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