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Scale Review Reviewed by Published Product Type
Russian Tactical Aviation Since 2001 Hub Plott December 2, 2017 Publications
X-Planes of Europe II: More Secret Research Aircraft from the Golden Age 1945-1971 Frank Landrus May 26, 2016 Publications
Nimrod's Genesis: RAF Maritime Patrol Projects and Weapons Since 1945 Frank Landrus June 10, 2015 Publications
Yakovlev Fighters of World War II Hub Plott June 5, 2015 Publications
Thunder Over the Reich: Flying the Luftwaffe’s He-162 Jet Fighter Hub Plott February 26, 2015 Publications
Listening In - RAF Electronic Intelligence Gathering since 1945 Jim Pearsall November 13, 2014 Publications
Early Soviet Jet Fighters Hub Plott July 29, 2014 Publications
Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in Asia Hub Plott July 21, 2014 Publications
Soviet Air Defense Aviation 1945-1991 Jim Deck July 3, 2014 Publications
Soviet Naval Aviation 1946-1991 Hub Plott October 28, 2013 Publications
Soviet and Russian Military Aircraft in the Middle East Floyd S. Werner, Jr. September 27, 2013 Publications
British Experimental Combat Aircraft of World War II: Prototypes, Research Aircraft, and Failed Production Designs Brian R. Baker January 16, 2013 Publications
Battle Flight: RAF Air Defense Projects and Weapons Since 1945 Hub Plott January 2, 2013 Publications
X-Planes of Europe: Secret Research Aircraft of the Golden Age 1946-1974 Dick Montgomery August 5, 2012 Publications
Wings of the Malvinas Pablo Bauleo June 28, 2012 Publications
Soviet Tactical Aviation Phil Pignataro March 20, 2012 Publications
The Seaplane Years Chuck Bush August 10, 2011 Publications
Soviet and Russian Testbed Aircraft Hub Plott July 18, 2011 Publications
Vulcan's Hammer, V-Force Projects and Weapons Since 1945 Perry Downen July 14, 2011 Publications
The Secret Years: Flight Testing at Boscombe Down, 1939-1945 Brian R. Baker May 30, 2011 Publications
Wings of the Weird and Wonderful Paul Bradley February 26, 2011 Publications
Scale Review Reviewed by Published Product Type
I-400: Japan’s Secret Aircraft Carrying Strike Submarine Hub Plott February 7, 2011 Publications