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Published: October 14, 2010
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Product Type
1/32 Quickboost Spitfire Mk.IX Fishtail Exhaust Roger Carrano Details
1/48 Quickboost Ju-87D-5N Night Exhaust Type C Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Details
1/72 Master Model P-47 Thunderbolt .50 Browning M2 Barrels Ben Guenther Details
1/32 Master Model Spitfire E Wing – Late Hispano 20mm Cannon and .50 Cal Fairings Chris Durden Details
MMP Books Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet Keith Pruitt Publications
TSDS TSDS Decal/Detail Sheet for Invaders "UFO" Mike Hinderliter Decals
SAM Publications U.S. Air Force Special Operations Perry Downen Publications
1/50 GPM Sd. Kfz. 8 DB 10 (Prototype) "Lufcik" Greg Perry Kits
1/700 Fine Molds Ship Accessory Set Type 93 13mm Machine Guns William Kluge Details
1/72 Iliad Design B-26 Marauder Decals Dan Mackay Decals
Published: October 13, 2010
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Product Type
1/35 Great Wall Hobby German Sd.Kfz. 251 Engine Fred Wilms Details
1/35 Cyber-Hobby StuG III Ausf.F Doug Halke Kits
1/144 Dragon Models Tornado F3 111 Squadron Anniversary Set Jim Pearsall Kits
1/35 Dragon Models Jagdpanther Early Production w/Zimmerit Michael Novosad Kits
Kagero Publishing Air Battles: Bf-109T Hub Plott Publications
1/35 MiniArt BA-64B Soviet Armored Car with Crew Don Barry Kits
1/35 Mirage Hobby Vickers-Armstrong "6 ton" Light Tank John Yager Kits
1/72 Loon Models Messerschmitt Bf-109 B-E Seats without belts Mike Hinderliter Details
1/35 Cyber-Hobby German StuG III C/D w/ L-48 KwK 40 7.5 Don Barry Kits
Casemate Publishing STURMGESCHUTZ III - Development, Production, Deployment Don Barry Publications
1/32 Aires Hobby Models Bf-109E Radio Equipment Roger Carrano Details
Albatros Productions, Ltd. Windsock Worldwide, Vol. 26, No. 3 - May/June 2010 Roger Rasor Publications
1/48 Quickboost AC-47 Minigun Gun Barrels Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Details
1/48 Quickboost Arado Ar-196 Exhaust Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Details
1/72 Quickboost P-47 Thunderbolt Intercooler Exhaust Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Details
1/35 Cyber-Hobby Schwerer Plattformwagen Typ SSY and Pz Bef Wg III Ausf K - Part 2 - The Panzer Tom Moon Kits
1/32 Aires Hobby Models English Electric Lightning Ejection seat, Exhausts, and Wheel Wells Rod Lees Details
1/700 Dragon Models USS Independence LCS-2 - First Look Ray Byers Kits
Published: October 12, 2010
Scale Company Review Reviewed by Product Type
1/48 Eagle Editions Ltd. Fw-190A Markings Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Decals
1/72 Dutch Profile Publications Decals for DO-215B-2, DH-85, Fokker D.XXIII, DB-7B, PBY-5, B-10, Ryan STM, B340 Brian R. Baker Decals
1/32 Aires Hobby Models F-16D Block 30 Cockpit Andy Renshaw Details
1/35 Bronco Models Panzerkamfwagen MK IV, 744(E) (A13) Jeff Leiby Kits
1/48 Aires Hobby Models Spitfire Mk.XIVc Cockpit Set Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Details
1/72 Master Model F-16 Pitot tube and Angle of Attack probes Scott Hollingshead Details
1/72 Pavla Models F-5, T-38 Ejection Seat Mike Hinderliter Details
Specialty Press Wings of the Luftwaffe, Flying Captured German Aircraft of World War II Bill Hollis Publications
1/350 Pegasus Hobbies When Worlds Collide - Space Ark Fred Amos Kits
1/2500 Round 2 Models Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Starship Set Dave Koukol Kits
1/72 Italeri Junkers Ju-52/3mg6e MS Brian R. Baker Kits
Casemate Publishing The Roer River Battles, Germany’s Stand at the Westwall, 1944-45 Tom Moon Publications
Model Art Model Art Modeling Magazine, #36, Summer 2010 Luke R. Bucci, PhD Publications
1/35 MiniArt Metal Bridge Mark Aldrich Kits
Max Modeller Max Modeller, Volumes 6 and 7 Dave Morrissette Publications
1/350 Mirage Hobby U-boat IXC Turn-II U-176 Scott Hollingshead Kits
Osprey Publishing Osprey German Commerce Raider vs. British Cruiser; The Atlantic & Pacific 1941 Robert Benson Publications
1/35 Skif Model Finnish Self Propelled Gun 122 SpH 74 Ryan Harden Kits
1/35 Bronco Models Soviet 76.2mm M1936 (F22) Divisional Gun Tom Moon Kits
1/72 A-Model IAR-80C Brian R. Baker Kits
1/32 Eagle Editions Ltd. EagleCal Decals - FW-190A's Floyd S. Werner, Jr. Decals
1/144 Kami di Korokoro P-40 B/C Warhawk Jim Pearsall Kits