Reviews of books or magazines relating to scale modeling.

USS Tennessee (BB-43) From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa in World War II

Published: November 18th, 2019     
USS Tennessee (BB-43) From Pearl Harbor to Okinawa in World War II
Author: David Doyle
Reviewed by: Bill Kluge, IPMS# 45849
Company: David Doyle Books

Launched on the last day in April, 1919, and commissioned just over three years later, on June 3, 1920, this sixth vessel to carry the name Tennessee was the name ship of her class (which included her sister, USS California) and the last US battleship to carry 14" guns. In this Naval edition of his extensive "Legends of Warfare" series, author David Doyle provides another extensively illustrated history of this famous warship. While each chapter - covering Construction; Launching, Fitting Out and Commissioning; To War (with subsequent descriptions of her collision with USS California and participation in the action in Surigao Straight); and The End of the Line - includes a brief introductory written description, the bulk of the written information comes as captions to the hundreds of photos (the vast majority in sharp black & white, with four color photos of her following decommissioning).

British Escort Carriers 1941-45

Published: November 17th, 2019     
British Escort Carriers 1941-45
Author: Angus Konstam
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
Company: Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing just released a new book devoted to the Escort Carriers under British Flag during World War 2. Still this book has a few paragraphs devoted to the first two Escort Carriers under Dutch Flag. They had (Dutch) Fleet Air Arm Flights detached to them, under operational control of the British, so I think they count as 'British'.

This book is relatively short at 48 pages but don't let the relatively small thickness of the book fool you. The book is packed with information. It clearly describes the need for air cover for convoys and how out of necessity many merchant ships were converted to operate as a 'proof of concept'. Once the value of the Escort Carrier was proven, the larger US industrial capacity provided the vast majority of the Escort Carriers under British Flag.

The book is broken down in the following sections.

MMP Books Single #5, MiG-17F/Lim-5

Published: November 17th, 2019     
MMP Books Single #5,  MiG-17F/Lim-5
Author: Dariusz Karnas, Karolina Holda
Reviewed by: Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Company: Mushroom Model Publications

This is the 5th of the MMP Single series. This book is for the modeler who is going to build this aircraft. There's no real text, other than the photo captions but there's a bunch of good information to help build and detail a MiG-17F.

The first 5 pages are line drawings in 1/72 and 1/48 scale. Then 4 pages of detail drawings of canopy, landing gear, instrument panel, and aircraft construction detail.

There follows 8 pages of black/white photos of aircraft details and in service. Finally, 3 pages of color photos, and a large 3-view of a Lim-5 in full color which takes up the last 3 pages.

The photos give a very good idea of what the aircraft looked like when in service, and the color photos are wonderful in that they give good color info on the cockpit interior.

Overall Evaluation: Well recommended. If you're going to build one of these, this is a low-cost option to get the detail and info you need to do a well-detailed model.

Thanks to Mushroom Model Publications, Casemate Publishers, IPMS USA, and Phil Peterson for sending me this interesting review item.

Osprey B-58 Hustler Units

Published: November 9th, 2019     
Osprey B-58 Hustler Units
Author: Peter E. Davies Illustrator: Jim Laurier
Reviewed by: Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Company: Osprey Publishing

Hearty thanks to Osprey for sending IPMS USA one more of their first-class reference books to review, and thanks to John and Phil for the opportunity for me to do something different in reviewing... READ ON!

I have been asked on numerous occasions about what I like to read. I am so busy building and painting and doing "the day job" that I find it hard to define. I like modeling trade magazines for learning what is the new "Shiny thing" that has come along, and also little frammazamits coming available to budget for. I also read of the world we live in (THE EPOCH TIMES comes to mind) or a foot-thick manual on how to save a marriage (yep, me too).

The Battleship HMS Rodney, 1942

Published: November 3rd, 2019     
The Battleship HMS Rodney, 1942
Author: Carlo Cestra
Reviewed by: Marc K. Blackburn, IPMS# 42892
Company: Kagero Publishing

Casemate Publishers, distributors for Kagero Publications, has added another title to their ongoing series of Super Drawings in 3D. This time they turn their attention to the classic British Battleship, HMS Rodney. If you are familiar with these titles, a ship is rendered in full color, 3D illustrations. Each of these super drawing books provide a short overview of the ship in question specifications and a summary of its operational history before plunging into the illustrations. Kagero also provides a black and white fold out plan of the HMS Rodney.

If you are not familiar with these publications, the illustrations cover the features of a ship from stem to stern. They focus on the bits and pieces that are normally found scattered on the deck of a warship. As in previous titles, the illustrations are well rendered and provide the kind of details that a ship modeler will appreciate. The illustrations only provide external details; they do not go between decks or in the superstructure. The illustrations concentrate of the Rodney's configuration in 1942.