Reviews of products for scale miscellaneous models.

The Luger

Published: October 28th, 2018     
The Luger
Author: Author: Neil Grant, Illustrators: Alan Gilliland, Johnny Shumate
Reviewed by: Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
Company: Osprey Publishing

Neil Grant studied archaeology at Reading University, graduating in 1990. He worked as an auditor at the UK National Audit Office until 1996 when he joined Key Equipment Finance as an accountant. 2004 say Neil working at NSK Europe as an accountant until 2009 when he left to join English Heritage where he currently is the Head of Corporate Finance and Performance. He joined the Board of Trustees in 2018 for the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. His interests in firearms, medieval edged weapons, and classical and medieval horsemanship has led him to author at least seven titles, including: The Bren Gun (2013), The Lewis Gun (2014), Mauser Military Rifles (2015), and Rhodesian Light Infantryman 1961-80 (2015), SAR80 Assault Rifles (2016), British Tank Crewman 1939-45 (2017).

Operation Linebacker II 1972

Published: October 21st, 2018     
Operation Linebacker II 1972
Author: Marshall L. Michel III
Reviewed by: Bob LaBouy, IPMS# 3064
Company: Osprey Publishing

In his organization of this book, Mr. Michel provides a logical approach to this 'air campaign.' The Table of Contents provides for the basic outline:

  • Introduction
  • Chronology
  • Attackers' Capabilities
  • Defenders' Capabilities
  • Campaign Objectives
  • The Campaign
  • Aftermath and Analysis
  • Select Bibliography
  • Index

During his introduction, I was surprised to read the author's comments about an earlier book I had read and prior to this point considered to be the basic groundwork for this air war over Vietnam; Linebacker II: A View From the Rock. He calls this early recounting of the Linebacker II operations "an inaccurate and self-aggrandizing memoir."

In this book, the author clearly lays out the 11 nights of the Linebacker II, and often ill-conceived organization, planning, and operations of these strategic and tactical missions. He does so in a very convincing manner.

The Solomons, 1943-44: The Struggle for New Georgia and Bougainville

Published: October 20th, 2018     
The Solomons, 1943-44: The Struggle for New Georgia and Bougainville
Author: Mark Stille. Illustrated by Peter Dennis
Reviewed by: Marc K. Blackburn, IPMS# 42892
Company: Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing continues to add titles to its long running Campaigns series, this time tackling the struggle to liberate the remaining islands in the Solomon's Island chain in the months after the successful conclusion of the Guadalcanal campaign. Using their tried and true format, the volume looks at the opposing commanders, forces, and plans before diving into the narrative on the campaign. Using contemporary photographs, superb maps, and full color illustrations, this volume does an excellent job in summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Since these volumes are meant as an overview, they do not go into great detail into the campaigns, but provide enough information to give the reader a grounding in the campaign.

Armored: Olive Drab: 1939-1956 Paint Set

Published: October 16th, 2018     
Armored: Olive Drab: 1939-1956 Paint Set
Reviewed by: Michael Reeves, IPMS# 51129
Scale: 10701
Company: Tru-Color Paint

Tru-Color Paint was formed in 2008 by Rick Galazzo and Scott Cohen, both of whom come from extensive backgrounds in formulating paint on the commercial scale. They set out on their own to develop this paint line of solvent based paint by reformulating the old Accupaint formulation to flow better and give a more glossy appearance after drying. They currently offer over 600 colors offered with more to follow. Sets and single bottles are available and include lines for railroad, automotive, and military aircraft and armament lines.

The specific set I tested was specifically for armored subjects painted olive drab from the years 1939-1956 and include the following colors in 1 oz. bottles:

  • TCP-1400: Olive Drab #1, 1944-1945; All Theaters
  • TCP-1401: Olive Drab #2, 1939-1941; All Theaters
  • TCP-1402: Olive Drab #3, 1942-1944; All Theaters
  • TCP-1423: Olive Drab #4, 1950-1956; US Army Only
  • TCP-403: Matte Mud, #1
  • TCP-408: Matte Aged Rust

The set also included a sample of their masking / frisket paper.

Mission Models Paint Part 2 (Clear Coats)

Published: October 14th, 2018     
Mission Models Paint Part 2  (Clear Coats)
Reviewed by: Blaine Singleton, IPMS# 50734
Company: Mission Models

This part 2 of a three-part review of Mission Models paints.The Clear Coats

Shortly after releasing their second round of paint colors Mission Models released three clear coat products to protect the paint once it has been applied to a model. The Clear coatings are Flat Clear, Semi-Gloss Clear and Gloss Clear.

All clear coats are mixed with the Mission Models thinner and depending what you use the clears coats for, the thinner proportions mix is varied, I found 30% thinner to the clear worked best for me. The Polyurethane may be used with the clear coat as it is with the paint products. Let the clear coats dry for minimum 3 hours and they are ready for applications of any masking material.

Spraying the clears are done by setting your airbrush air pressure to 10 to 15 psi and applying the clear coats in light multiple coats.

The clear coats are compatible with all the decal settings solutions that you would normally use on your projects.