Reviews of products for scale aircraft models.

Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Decals

Published: November 21st, 2019     
Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Decals
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/48
Company: Caracal Models

Caracal Models provided these great decals for the Valom 1/48 Kit release of the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander aircraft.

Included is

  • One sheet of decals
  • One Instruction sheet

The decals are of the best quality and printed by Microscale for Caracal Models.

The decal sheet provide decals for four different Markings options.

  • The British Parachute Regiments Freefall team Red Devils aircraft
  • The Heridean Air services aircraft
  • Aurigny Air Services aircraft
  • Armed Forces of Malta Aircraft

The instruction sheet is well detailed and includes color details.

The decals are awesome and will add a lot to the Valom Kit which I have now ordered to allow me to use these in the future. I will do the Red Devils aircraft as I have seen this one in action a few times in the past.

Thanks go to Caracal Models for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them

Revell 1/32 Fw 190A-8 Photoetch Set

Published: November 19th, 2019     
Revell 1/32 Fw 190A-8 Photoetch Set
Reviewed by: Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard

Eduard Models has released a PE set to spruce up your Revell Fw-190A-8.

Typical of the Zoom line, this set consists of one fret, focused on the instrument panel and a few other cockpit details.

The instrument panel fret is pre-painted and would look very good with an open canopy. It will certainly enhance the looks of your Fw-190. The fret also includes all kind of switches, levers, oxygen regulator and rudder pedals.

Please note that this set does not include seatbelts. You can get them on the sets 33227 and 33179 (steel version, which are very nice to work with).

Given the small size of some of the parts, I will recommend this kit to modelers of all levels except the most novice. Highly recommended.

I would like to thank Eduard Models and IPMS/USA for the review sample.

Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 'Hi-Tech'

Published: November 19th, 2019     
Fieseler Fi 103 / V-1 'Hi-Tech'
Reviewed by: David Wrinkle, IPMS# 45869
Scale: 1:32
Company: Special Hobby

Based off of the 2018 tooling of the Fi-103, Special Hobby has recently released another kit with some welcome extras to allow the builder to display the V-1 on its handling dolly. This configuration would make for a really cool little vignette or diorama if the builder so desired. Rest assured, the kit can also be built in the flight configuration as well. J

Special Hobby has added 12 additional resin parts along with a few photoetch details. The resin parts are used to build the exposed Argus Pulsejet engine as well as one of three options for the nose of the airframe. The three nose options include a ground cover that was used to protect the nose of the aircraft, the normal nose, or what I believe to be some sort of guidance or detonation control or possibly other instrumentation mounted in the nose. As I planned to have the Fi-103 on the ground dolly I thought the cover made the most sense.

JASDF T-1B Trainer

Published: November 18th, 2019     
JASDF T-1B Trainer
Reviewed by: Damon Blair, IPMS# 49062
Scale: 1/72
Company: Platz

The Fuji Heavy Industries T-1 series of aircraft was the first aircraft entirely designed and built in Japan following World War II. The T-1B has a Japanese-designed and built engine, which is the only change from its predecessor, the T-1A. Externally, there is no difference between the two models. The T-1A first flew on January 19th, 1958. A total of 66 aircraft (of both types) were produced, and the type was retired in March of 2006.

Platz's T-1B kit faithfully reproduces Fuji's T-1B and is molded in light grey plastic. There was no flash on my sample, and the panel lines are crisp and recessed into the plastic. One downfall of the kit is the instructions, which are in Japanese save for the aircraft information and step titles. However, you can easily follow them with the clear assembly drawings.

OKB Chelomey 16KhA Priboy

Published: November 18th, 2019     
OKB Chelomey 16KhA Priboy
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell, IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/72
Company: Brengun

Brengun has released a few different kits of the OKB Chelomey 16KhA Priboy in several scales. This is the latest version which is in 1/72 scale. This was a Winged missile based on the V-1 German flying bomb. Russia build various designs based on the V-1 from 1945. In 1947 the Russian government ordered this version to be used as air launched missiles and as target drones.

In the box is:

  • 1 light grey sprue
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 instruction booklet

The sprue is well molded with very little flash and great detail.


First is the construction of the pulse engines, these did not align very well.

The next stage is the fuselage joins need a little filing and you need to be careful lining it up correctly as there are no alignment pins.

Next it's on to the attaching the wings, the attachment pins are too large so the holes need to be opened out. The wings also need a little filling once assembled.

Now the tail is assembled, you have a choice to make here depending on which version you want to build as there are four options.

Now you mount the engines.